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The Top 4 Hacks for a Happy Marriage

  Marriage makes for a fulfilling and loving life with your significant other, but like any incredible process worth having, there will be difficult moments. We all have come to periods in our relationships where we felt challenged and at an impasse. If you have ever felt that your marriage has lost a bit of its spark, you aren’t alone. For this reason, it is important that we establish some practical yet soulfully enjoyable marriage hacks! These effective fixes go towards ensuring that you and your partner always maintain the desired level of friendship and fiery passion for one another.    How About an Appreciation Week? When we take the time and effort needed to show our partners how much...

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7 Facts of a Happy Marriage

How many motivational books have you read? You know how it goes, right? The author conveys his or her version of the secrets of life, success, or relationships through a highly subjective "10 best" strategy.  Barking Up the Wrong Tree draws on startling research, great quotes, and captivating anecdotes to help you understand what works and what doesn't so you can stop guessing at success and start living the life you want. 1. Happy couples interpret things the right way. When spouses screw up, those in happy marriages see mistakes as "external" (caused by context, not character) and "temporary" (as one-offs, not persistent traits). Barker points out, " When they don't do the dishes, it's because they were busy. When they do do the dishes, it's because they're a good person who loves you." 2. Happy couples...

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