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The Top 4 Hacks for a Happy Marriage


Marriage makes for a fulfilling and loving life with your significant other, but like any incredible process worth having, there will be difficult moments. We all have come to periods in our relationships where we felt challenged and at an impasse. If you have ever felt that your marriage has lost a bit of its spark, you aren’t alone. For this reason, it is important that we establish some practical yet soulfully enjoyable marriage hacks! These effective fixes go towards ensuring that you and your partner always maintain the desired level of friendship and fiery passion for one another. 


How About an Appreciation Week?

When we take the time and effort needed to show our partners how much they mean to us, just that single gesture goes such a long way. Now, imagine a full week of such appreciative acts! It can be something as small as making someone breakfast, or buying them their favourite flowers or chocolates.

You know your spouse better than anyone, and exactly what makes them smile. Your partner will definitely realize how much effort has been put into something when it’s a truly meaningful effort. Of course, we all need inspiration every now and then, so don’t feel bad for searching for help online or with friends.

How to Approach Serious Conversations

Anyone who is married will tell you that issues are bound to come up, that’s just how relationships go, but they really don’t need to turn into serious problems. While it is essential that you and your partner come together and talk through your beef, knowing how to do so friendlily can mean the difference between a shouting match and an honest and safe space.

The key to sparking any kind of productive conversation is to avoid opening with accusations or blame. You really don’t want to point the finger at anyone, and doing that is probably going to irritate your spouse. Rather, you should try to ease your way into the topic at hand, make some jokes and try to see the light side of the situation, and let them understand your valid reasons for doing so, without making them feel cornered or attacked.

Knowing When It’s Time to Switch Off Your Phone

Phones are addictive, and we can’t help but spend hours a day checking how many hearts we got on a new cute selfie on Instagram, or how much weight the people we went to school with have gained. That being said, you need to ensure that you don’t get too distracted by that little glowing rectangle!

There are certain periods in the day when you are with your partner and should not be on your phone. These include when having meals together, when watching a film, or just sitting together and having a conversation. You will be amazed at how much more quality and intimacy you gain when you are more focused on your spouse.

Showing How Much They Mean to You

Convincing someone that you love them doesn’t take a lot of effort, but knowing how to do so can take some learning, which is why is here to help you along your way. This non-intrusive and accessible platform for all things relationships and domestic bliss will happily aid you with all of your queries related.



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